dispatches from our greer community

  • by Chandra Greer

The full weight of the COVID-19 pandemic is impossible to fully comprehend. The toll on life, health, livelihoods, how can one fully take in the enormity of it for our fellow global citizens and life as we all so recently knew it, especially as our window to the world is increasingly limited to the screens in our home?

But during this unimaginably difficult time, we have all been lifted by witnessing the courage and selflessness of our health care workers, those working in our most essential industries like shipping, transport, grocery, delivery, those public servants who must go on like our first responders and those government officials who are trying to keep us safe. We have been inspired by the generosity of our fellow citizens, donating, reaching out to senior citizens, temporarily housing health care workers, sewing masks, converting liquor manufacturing to hand-sanitizer production, the sense of gratitude for these caring organizations and individuals is overwhelming. 

We have been frustrated that our tiny company can do so little in the midst of this catastrophe. But in the midst of our helplessness, we have seen how our customers are using our items to bring comfort to others and themselves and that has been gratifying and a window on how people are coping & connecting during an unprecedented time. The purpose of this we-are-praying-so temporary blog is to highlight these bright spots we've been privileged to witness. We hope it lends you the small bit of  comfort, strength, and inspiration it has given us. 

With love,


Chandra, Lindsey, Donovan, Grace & Maddie