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Dude and Chick

June 20, 2018

Felt & Wire begins the new year with the first in a series of monthly conversations with up and coming stationery designers that, while tiny in size, are titanic in talent. Our interviews will be hosted by the insightful Chandra Greer, owner of Greer, an independent stationery shop and website with a longstanding commitment to seeking out and supporting independent designers. First-up are John Gurtin and Katie Wilson, the charming, clever and whip-smart duo that is Dude and Chick of St. Paul, Minn. Of their work, Chandra says, “I love the ironic juxtaposition of DNC’s perfect, letterpress-printed craftsmanship with their wacky sensibility. We like wacky, especially when it’s pressed into nice paper.”

[Chandra] If you weren’t designing greeting cards how would you be occupying yourselves?
[Katie] John would probably make a full time career out of scouring antique stores for cool stuff. I would indulge my inner nerd and go back to school for a degree in Library Science.