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Greenwich Letterpress

June 20, 2018

[Chandra Greer] A few years ago, while in New York City for the National Stationery Show, we headed to the West Village to check out Greenwich Letterpress, a stationery shop we’d long admired from afar. Owned by Beth Salvini and her sister and brother-in-law, Amy and Pete Swanson, it is an indie design paradise reflecting their desire to nurture this segment of the paper goods market. We saw a lot of things we’d never seen before, and when it comes to stationery we’ve been around the world three times and back.

We also fell in love with their eponymous line of unique cards and invitations. And we fell in love with Beth, who, when we introduced ourselves, couldn’t have been more warm and welcoming, even going so far as to point out things she thought we should carry at Greer! That was the beginning of our friendship and we could not wait to interview this generous, brilliant and provocative entrepreneur.

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