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The Epoca Ballpoint pen debuted in 1960 with a design that remains unchanged to this day, incredibly well-made and reliable for such a modestly-priced pen. This appealling writing instrument comes in an astonishing array of colors allowing you the flexibility and fun of matching your pen to your mood, notebook or wardrobe.  Comfortable and lightweight in the hand, sturdy plastic body with an elegant fluted top and engraved chrome fittings; a medium point refill with blue archival ink is included and will write a total of 8000 meters before needing replacement.

Ballograf was founded in 1945 by Austrian Eugen Spitzer who emigrated to Sweden during World War II. Ballograf is a combination of "ballo" which means bullet and "graph," writing. Original production took place in Eugen's small garage but the company quickly grew after launching a ballpoint pen with much-desired archival ink and became the leading pen manufacturer in Scandinavia. 

5.25" length

Refills available here.




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