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Hammerpress x GREER

Civility is Not a Sign of Weakness Greeting Card

"Civility is not a sign of weakness" is our company's motto. Taken from John F. Kennedy's inaugural speech it captures, for us, the essence of civility -- that being kind, respectful, dignified and thoughtfully-restrained stems from confident strength and character rather than from a deficit in backbone.

We commissioned Hammerpress of Kansas City (designers we've long-admired whose portfolio includes staggeringly complex and beautiful posters for a who's who of artists from Belle and Sebastian to Sufjan Stevens to Elvis Costello) to take our motto and give it its own rock star treatment.

Created with a complex composition of antique metal type (each color a separate run through the press) then letterpress printed on heavy chipboard stock.

Send it to someone who supports (or needs) the message or frame it as a steady reminder to yourself.

Single card
4.375 x 5.875" folded

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