Kokuyo Jibun Techo 2022 DAYs Log Your Life Diary | 4 Colors


The 2022 Jibun Techo DAYs planner is the most thoughtfully-designed and functionally-comprehensive daily diary we've found. Derived from the Japanese words for "self" and "planner," it's a place to plan not just your days, but your life.

The most innovative feature is the format of the daily pages.  A twenty-four timeline, aligning with the day's date, is set in the center of the page.  Appointments and notes can be maintained separately on the left and right.  For example, you can use the left half for your schedule and the right half for notes or to-do lists or you can note your schedule on the left and a family schedule on the right, there are many possibilities. At the top of each daily page is a row that helps visualization of where you are in the month. 

Another distinctive feature is that two inserts are included with each planner, one for January 2022 through June 2022 and a second for July 2022 through December 2022.  When the first is completed, insert the second, ensuring a planner that remains slim and portable throughout the yea.

Covers are heavy vinyl that's easy to keep tidy with a deep pocket on the outside front Separate, clear deep pockets are on the inside along with three slots for cards, tickets, receipts etc. and a pen loop.

    The DAYs Diary's paper is Kokuyo's high-quality, satisfyingly-smooth THIN stock which, though relatively lightweight was designed to be surprisingly accepting of fountain pens, gel pens, and rollerball pens with fast drying, no bleed and very little show-through. Two ribbon bookmarks are bound into both inserts. 


    •  A full page for each day of the year from January 2022 through December 2022. The hours of the day are marked in a column that divides each page in half letting you use each for a different purpose.  There's also a place to record the weather and your mood for that day. Space at bottom of each page is provided for additional notes.
    • Index page at the beginning of each month to list goals and track achievements for the month.
    • 12 monthly spreads for January 2022 through December 2022 and an additional spread for January and February 2023. At the bottom are charts for tracking 2022 habits and projects. 


    The Jibun Techo DAYs Log Your Life offers the following, included in each of the two inserts, to help you make the most of the year:

    • Yearly schedule to outline repeating events such as classes and important dates for the year.
    • My Dreams 2022 and My Events pages to list goals and events for 2022.
    • 100 Wishes (bucket list) spread.
    • Three spreads of customizable lists.
    • Two pages of grid paper for additional notes and sketches.
    • Looking Back on 2022 spread.
    • Two ribbon bookmarks.

      .38 x 5.125 x 8.25"


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