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Blackwing 602 Pencil Box of Twelve

Originally introduced in the 1930s bearing the slogan "half the pressure, twice the speed," the Blackwing was the pencil of choice for writers and artists such as John Steinbeck and Chuck Jones. With its smoother graphite formulation, ability to hold a point and unique oblong eraser that one could pull out and replace to extend use, it quickly became a cult classic. When the machinery that produced the unique ferrule holding the eraser broke and it was deemed uneconomical to replace it, enthusiasts drove up the price of the then-rare pencils to as much as $40 each.

Enter sixth-generation pencil manufacturer Charles Berolzheimer II who decided to recreate the Blackwing, tinkering with the graphite formulation to create an even smoother finish than the noted original and changing the signature pink eraser to white or black. We are pleased to offer what many have called "the best pencil in the world."

Box of twelve

Please note, the 602 is closest to the original Blackwing experience, a smooth, firm finish well-liked by writers. For a softer, creamier formulation please see the standard Blackwing.

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