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2.0mm Wooden Mechanical Pencil Natural

The most meta of writing instruments -- a mechanical pencil that looks like a standard wooden pencil that's actually made from a standard wooden pencil!

First, a jumbo hexagonal cedar pencil barrel is drilled out and fitted with a mechanical pencil mechanism. Next, a brass tip is added for the lead along with a traditional brass ferrule at the top of the pencil that includes a replaceable eraser.

The substantial 2.0 mm lead yields a satisfyingly broad line and extends with a click of the eraser. A really nice feature is you can retract the lead by turning the pencil upside down, again clicking the eraser, and gently pushing the lead back into the barrel.

Manufactured by legendary pen and pencil manufacturer OHTO, inventors of the liquid-ink rollerball pen and the first company to produce a ballpoint pen in Japan. 

5.25" length

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