Blackwing Volumes 10001 Tetsuya Miyamoto Puzzles Pencil Box of Twelve

Blackwing Volume 10001 is a tribute to Japanese math professor Tetsuya Miyamoto who invented the KenKen puzzle (featured daily in The New York Times) as a way to improve his students' problem solving and logic skills. 

10001 (壱万壱) is a numeral palindrome in Kanji as well as in Arabic numerals and is linked to one of Miyamoto Sensei’s favorite equations. The pencil features a red stained (adzuki) cedar barrel, gold imprint and ferrule, black eraser, Palomino's firm Japanese graphite and a unique five-sided “Gōkaku” shape; In Japan, Gold metallic wood pencils with a pentagon barrel. The top says 'Gokaku Enpitsu' in Japanese Gōkaku pencils are used for good luck when taking tests.

Box of twelve