Psychology of Colour Pencil Set of 12


The School of Life is a global, UK-based organization dedicated to enhancing everyday life through the application of psychology, philosophy and culture. The products they design are intended to be useful tools in achieving this goal. 

The Psychology of Color Pencil Set is inspired by the universal emotional connections we make to certain colors.The decision to express this concept through colored pencils is well-thought-out. For example, one application the School of Life suggests is to "pick a pencil without thinking too much, doodle with it and dwell on what our choice tells us of our state of mind." 

The set includes a booklet about the psychology of color that explains how particular shades can link us to a range of memories and feelings. Pencil colors include:

  • Hope (yellow)
  • Vitality (orange)
  • Adventure (light red)
  • Power (dark red)
  • Ambiguity (violet)
  • Clarity (light blue)
  • Discipline (dark blue)
  • Sanity (light green)
  • Realism (dark green)
  • Mellowness (light brown)
  • Dignity (dark brown)
  • Authority (black)

 Pencils write smoothly with great color intensity.

Box of twelve
Pencils 6.875" length
Box .5 x 3.875 x 7.25"