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enabling the positive since 2001

Illness Not Journey Empathy Card ™

Emily McDowell

In the eloquent and sincere words of Emily McDowell who has created her Empathy Cards ™  from personal experience with serious illness:

"Being sick can be really lonely. One major reason is because most people don't know what to say, so they disappear, or say the wrong thing entirely. And as a friend, it IS hard to know what to say. I created Empathy Cards because I believe we need some better, more authentic ways to communicate about illness and suffering. 

My goal for this collection is to help people connect with each other through truth, and to help people with illness feel seen and understood. I think these are the most important things I've designed so far, and they're some of my favorites."

Single card
Heavy stock
Blank inside
Kraft envelope
4.25 x 5.5" folded