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Field Notes

Limited Edition Coastal Set of Three | East or West

Chicago-based Field Notes presents another intriguing, meticulously designed and researched set of limited edition memo books in a choice of two versions, Coastal: East and Coastal:West, each featuring their respective coastlines printed across three books in bright holographic foils.

The heavy paper covers of the Coastal: East set reveal the Atlantic coast from Maine to Florida, that of “Coastal: West” feature the Pacific coast from Puget Sound to the Mexican border.

Like the ocean, depending on the the angle of light, the two holographic foils can appear to be almost any color, although they start as a deep gold on the shore and a rich, aqua blue in the water.

The reticle pattern on the cover is repeated inside printed with a technique that mimics the visual variation of the covers, on some pages the pattern is blue, on some green, and, on most, somewhere in between.

Inside back covers feature The Field Notes story, inventive applications for use, production specifications and a handy little "ruler."

Set of three
Reticle grid
48 pages each
3.5 x 5.5"

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