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orders placed by 11:00 am CST ship the same day

Perfect Pencil Black Or Brown

Graf von Faber-Castell

It's not surprising the source for the Perfect Pencil is Faber-Castell, founded in 1761 and since the mid 1800s the major manufacturer of wood-cased pencils in the world.

Perfection begins with the fact that searching for a sharpener never interrupts w
riting flow as one is built into the removable platinum-over-silver protective cap.

The cap also banishes stubby scribing because it extends the pencil as it's used. And with a replaceable eraser under the end cap you have everything together in a compact and always-ready-to-use form.

The pencil is in precious Californian cedar with fine fluted carving, difficult to achieve in a wood this firm. Presented in a cedar box, gorgeous in its natural simplicity and, of course, refill pencils are available. You're sure to need them as this beautiful instrument will last a lifetime.