Noble Section (Grid) Notebook B6


We've been at this a while and can confidently say we've never encountered writing paper as exquisite as this. Only recently available in the U.S., LIFE Paper has been crafted in Japan since 1946.

The line is made in small workshops scattered throughout Tokyo because the company believes it's only at that level its manufacture will receive the exacting attention the company demands. Grid paper, exquisite stitched binding, waxed bookcloth spine, fountain pen-friendly. Masterpiece. 

“NOBLE NOTE” series is one of our most popular products.They are made for the person who
loves writing deeply by our skilled artisan. Within its beautiful covers is 

They are a form of bookbinding using thread, called “Ito-toji”, i.e. stich binding, and are
made by the artisan with keen eye on every process.To make “Ito-toji” notebooks needs many
difficult techniques.For example, sewing paper in straight on a machine by hands requires
excellent skills and folding it in half precesely as well.In this way, “NOBLE NOTE” is
consited of many highly skilled techniques.

In addition, the front design of the product is in style of discontinued old timer typepaper
pad.The design is very beautiful, so the frame has been reproduced from the old pad.


NOBLE NOTE was born in 2008 based on the concepts of "A notebook you can use with a fountain pen", "A notebook that doesn't become shredded even if you use it a long time", and "A notebook with a design that users love". A great amount of attention has been paid to paper quality, making writing even more pleasurable It is the fruit of all Japanese craftsmen

100 pages
5mm x 5mm grid
5 x 7"