About Us

I founded Greer because I wanted to create a place whose purpose was steadfastly positive, a place devoted to good design, good feelings, intelligent thought and the celebration of beauty.

A previous career in advertising honed my appreciation of creativity and design and cemented an interest in the power of communication. An upbringing marked by plenty of report card mentions that "Chandra is such a polite child" hard-wired a lifelong commitment to promoting appreciation, respect and doing the right thing, my definition of civility.

We're excited to bring you an ever-evolving collection that makes your world, and that of those important to you, a lovelier, happier place, from an array of designers dedicated to doing the same.

Deborah Cilino is the business. Literally, the business. As Greer's manager, Deborah has her hand in just about everything we do from design to operations to display to customer service. And she does it all with a smile on her face, a heart full of grace and a glide in her stride, the latter being more pronounced when an 'N Snyc song is involved. Deborah has a BFA from the Savannah College of Art & Design.

Alexa Culioli is thrilled to be part of the Greer team and takes pride in assisting Greer's clientele with a hard-wired sense of civility and joy.
Born and raised in the heart of Paris, tempered in the concrete jungle of New York at Parsons the New School for Design, she now takes her experience and talents to Chicago where she can be found illustrating signs, designing product displays and sharing the unique history behind every pen and paper curated into Greer with visitors and locals alike. Alexa's pen of choice is Le Pen which she used to draw the portraits on this page!