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Blackbird Letterpress

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Twelve Brilliant Women Spinner Card

Speaking of brilliant, what a genius idea conceived, illustrated and printed by Kathryn Hunter of Blackbird Letterpress, a spinner card (also known as a volvelle, or wheel chart, considered an early example of a paper computer) featuring twelve world-changing women. Keep for daily inspiration or send to your brilliant women; it's blank on back for your message and includes an orange-red envelope. 


Dorothy Ashby musician/composer

Rachel Carson author/environmentalist

Shirley Chisholm first African-American member of Congress

Katherine Sui Fun Cheung first Chinese-American woman to receive commercial aviation license

Gerty Cori biochemist/Nobel Prize winner

Eva Hesse post-minimal artist

Zora Neale Hurston author

Mary Jackson NASA engineer

Wilma Mankiller first Cherokee Nation tribal chief

Jeannette Rankin first female member of Congress

Sylvia Rivera, LGBTQ/homeless activist

Ida B Wells-Barnett, journalist/activist

Single card
Letterpress printed
Heavy 100% cotton stock
Orange-red envelope
6.75 x 6.75"

Extra $0.21 in postage is required

Twelve Brilliant Women Spinner Card