Eberhard Faber Elementary 6370 Vintage Pencil


Manufactured by the Eberhard Faber Pencil Company, these emerald green beauties, originally sized to accommodate the developing motor skills of young writers, date from the 1950s but their bright finish and writing performance are undimmed.

Eberhard Faber was a New York-based member of Germany's pioneering Faber pencil family, building his Manhattan factory, the first graphite pencil factory in the US, on the current site of the United Nations building, eventually relocating it to Brooklyn where it remained until 1956. The building still stands at 47-61 Greenpoint Avenue and is being converted to condos. 

Single unsharpened pencil

Sharpens with any jumbo-sized pencil sharpener (the larger hole in a dual-hole sharpener)



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