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Emilio Braga

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Cloud Print Lined Notebook Black, White & Pink A5

Emilio Braga's iconic Cloud Print notebook has been hand-crafted by this family-run business since 1918 in a workshop just outside Lisbon, using techniques over 100 years old. Every detail is well-considered and spectacular; marbled paper clads thick book board, corners are wrapped in heavy cotton book cloth to prevent damage, spine is book cloth-reinforced as well. Page edges are hand-sponged resulting in a unique pattern for each notebook. Pages are made of FSC-certified paper, exquisite to write on, and the pronounced lines have a timeless appeal. An adhesive label is included.

200 lined pages 
Optional adhesive label
.5 x 
6.5 x 9"

Cloud Print Lined Notebook Black, White & Pink A5