Monocle Travel Guide to Chicago


When we first learned Monocle Magazine was updating their Chicago Travel Guide, and that we were to be included in it, we were delighted because of the level of research, curation and excellence that goes into everything Monocle does; Chicago is a phenomenal city, well-worth a deep exploration of its treasures.

The Monocle Chicago Travel Guide is a spot-on compilation of the best our city has to offer, from neighborhood walks, to our renowned architecture, to our many cultural institutions. There are recommendations for the best hotels, restaurants, and retail Chicago offers and even suggestions for how to keep in shape during your visit.  

There's even a series of engaging, insightful essays that capture the Chicago essence as well as Chicago's "soundtrack" and a reading list of books written about the city.

A well-designed map is included and this hard cover guide is slim enough to travel along with you as you explore the City of Big Shoulders.

.5 x 5.75 x 8"
146 pages


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