Zenith 548/E Stapler Pastel Pink

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Box and staples not included.

In 1948, Aldo Balma designed the Zenith 548 stapler as the epitome -- or zenith -- of function, form and great design. While the exterior of the 548 stapler has barely changed in 60 years, the company Aldo founded, Balma, Capoduri & C. S.p.A., has continuously perfected its design -- including a patented anti-jamming device -- to deliver superior, long-lasting performance. Functionally and aesthetically, this is the perfect tool for your desk.

This hand held, or "plier" stapler, is finished in highly-resistant pink enamel applied to the metal body, fittings are brass, powder-coated in a coordinating hue, loading capacity is 100 staples. Due to its durable construction, the 548/E is heavy in the hand yet its design is thoughtfully ergonomic. Included with the stapler is a box of 1000 staples in size 6/4, 1/4" in width, with a depth that can accommodate 15 regular text-weight sheets. 

To load staples simply unhook the plunger, place the staples on the metal channel, slide slightly into stapler, push in plunger and rehook. 

Approximately 2" depth, excluding handle, 5.875" length, 1/2" width



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