Ballpoint Pen Brass Edition | Sage Green, Pearl Grey Or Brick Red


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It's no wonder Anterique ballpoint pens have caused such a sensation in the writing world. Typically, ballpoint pens are filled with dense, viscous ink since it must cover the rolling bearing ball in the point (hence, ballpoint) to be subsequently transferred to the paper. But Anterique, a Japanese pen maker at the intersection of "antique" and "technique," has engineered a tip that precisely dispenses an ultra-low-viscosity, smooth-flowing ink, rendering a super-fine .5mm line without seepage or smudging.

The lower barrel of Anterique's elegant, vintage-inspired Brass Edition pen is machined from a single brass bar giving it a grounded feel in the hand. Upper barrel is a lighter-weight plastic, beautifully-hued, with a gold logo imprint.  Packaged in a heavy plastic tube for gift-giving or display. 

0.5mm tip
Black ink
5.5" length

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