Desk Set High Pears


Ballograf's well-made pen set fulfills our personal dreams of having a desk version of those chained pens found at banks and government offices but this is an elevated version of that pilfer-proof set-up.

The base of this set features Stig Lindberg's "High Pears" pattern, Lindberg was a revered  Swedish designer known primarily for his porcelain and ceramics pieces decorated with iconic patterns.  

Base is sturdy and stable, the pen is comfortable and lightweight in the hand with durable plastic body and chrome accents and is engraved with Mr. Lindberg's signature. Pen is refillable but it may be a while before you need to because the medium point, blue archival ink refill will write a total of 8000 meters before needing replacement.

Base approximately 4" diameter
Pen 6.5"
Chain 16.5"



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