Blackwing Eras Pencils Box of 12


In 1998 Blackwing, the pencil that was an indispensible tool for creative giants John Steinbeck, Chuck Jones, Stephen Sondheim and Frank Lloyd Wright was discontinued after sixty years of production due to a combination of low volume and a breakdown of the machinery that created its iconic ferrule. Twelve years later, sixth-generation pencil manufacturer Charles Berolzheimer embarked on a mission to revive what had become known as "the best pencil ever made," the Blackwing 602. 

The limited edition Blackwing Eras commemorates the tenth anniversary of Blackwing’s revival. With its dark grey barrel, pewter ferrule with jaunty gold stripe and red eraser this pencil takes inspiration from some of the earliest Blackwings ever produced. The original Blackwing was advertised as requiring only a fraction of the usual physical exertion to produce a mark -- HALF THE EFFORT, TWICE THE SPEED -- this slogan is printed in gold letters on the barrel. Extra-firm graphite.

Box of twelve



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