Volume 200 | The Coffeehouse Pencil Box Of 12


In 1948, the Beat Generation was born amidst the uncertainty of post-war America. This literary movement, rooted in anti-materialism and the exploration of the human condition, gathered in the coffeehouses of New York and San Francisco to recite poetry fueled by cups of black coffee. During the '50s and '60s, coffeehouses became synonymous with creativity and intellectualism.

The Blackwing Vol. 200 is a tribute to these coffeehouses and the creative culture they helped to cultivate; aesthetically inspired by the classic copper coffee roasting machines found in many of them. The roasting process begins when the internal temperature of a coffee berry seed reaches 200 degrees Celsius, transforming it into the familiar coffee bean, hence this pencil's 200 volume number. Features Blackwing's firm graphite core, black eraser and imprint as well as a metallic copper finish and coppper-toned ferrule.

Box of twelve



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