Caran d'Ache

Swiss Beech Wood Pencil


The Caran d'Ache Swiss Wood Pencil is a delight for just about every one of the senses. It's a handsome piece made from beech wood -- heavier than standard cedar -- grown in the Swiss Jura Forest with production certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

The pencil has a delicious, earthy-woody scent and its hexagonal ergonomic form sits substantially yet comfortably in the hand. There's a high quality HB graphite core and the wood is protected by a matte multi-layer water-based varnish.

In a charming detail, the red-painted endcap is decorated with a tiny white Swiss cross. Writing experience is silky smooth and just a tad lighter than standard HB darkness.

Single pencil
Pre sharpened, eraserless



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