Blackwing KUM Long Point Sharpener | Black or White


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Let's get right to the point -- this is an amazing pencil sharpener. Blackwing and Kum developed a two-step process that sharpens pencils to a long, long-lasting, super-sharp point. In the first step, your pencil is inserted into the hole helpfully marked "1" which shaves only the wood casing and stops the process once the right amount of core is fully exposed. A second hole sharpens the graphite to a long, fine point, an automatic "brake" prevents over-sharpening. Holes accommodate standard-sized pencils.

As you sharpen, shavings are captured in a compartment inside the sharpener.  Blades are super-sharp, corrosion-resistant high-carbon steel and stay sharp for thousands of uses. Two replacement blades can be found in a compartment inside the sharpener. 



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