Kaweco Collection Iridescent Pearl Fountain Pen | Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad or Double Broad Nib


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This shimmering beauty is a limited edition entry in Kaweco's Collectors' series, variations of the legendary Sport line created to delight Kaweco aficionados everywhere. The Iridescent Pearl has pigments integrated into the clear plastic barrel to create its subtly color-shifting pearlescence. 

Features a secure screw-on cap, stainless steel nib with iridium tip in extra fine, fine medium, broad and double broad widths, and the option of a removable chrome clip that fits all items in the Kaweco Classic Sport range. Accepts a standard short ink cartridge; a blue cartridge is included with the pen. Supply of this pen is limited.

4.125" capped, 5.33" posted

Optional chrome clip is available here.

Ink cartridges are available here.

Bottled inks are available here.



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