• Vintage General's Goddess Carbo-Weld 690 Vintage Pencils


General's Goddess Carbo-Weld 690 Vintage Pencils

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General Pencil Company was founded by Oscar Weissenborn in 1889 (under the name The Pencil Exchange), making pencils in a large room inside his family's home in New Jersey. The company was renamed in 1923 and is still family-owned but they've moved production out of the house and into a factory in Jersey City, New Jersey.

This is a vintage version of General's Goddess pencil, still manufactured today, however the "carbo-weld" lead-bonding technology, or at least the nomenclature, and the distinctive retro design appear to be of the distant past.  Erasers are non-functional due to age but the pencils still write great.

Single unsharpened pencil


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