Hanaduri Hanji Passport Notebook Blank Set of 3 | 3 Colors


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Hanji is a traditional Korean paper, dating back to the 3rd century, made from the inner bark of the mulberry tree and fibers from the sunset hibiscus plant. A labor-intensive hand-process yields an extremely durable paper with a pleasing visual and tactile surface that provides a surprisingly smooth and satisfying writing experience.  The heavy paper cover of this minimalist notebook has an arch, screen printed by hand using soy ink, reminiscent of a portal or gateway, the feel of ink under fingertips adds extra satisfaction. Portable size, blank pages inside, perfect for your notes and doodles. Each notebook is stitch-bound, by hand and presented in a lovely printed sleeve. Each color is offered in a package of three.

Set of 3 for each individual color
32 pages each
3.5 x 5"



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