HCT x Kitaboshi Pencil Co.

HCT x Kitaboshi Art Pencils Set Tin Of 12


One of the great joys of pencils is the variety of writing experience you can achieve just through selecting the hardness or softness of their leads.  It's been centuries since pencils actually contained lead, their cores are now a mixture of graphite and clay and it is the balance between the two that determines whether a pencil is hard or soft -- more clay results in a harder pencil, more graphite, a softer lead and the very common No.2 pencil (HB) grade is a balance between the two.

In general, you'll find a harder lead (H) is better for writing, precision drawing and retaining a point, and a softer (B) lead is better for drawing dark, distinctive lines and shading although all grades can be used for either endeavor.

Hot Cool Tokyo, an importer of the best in Japanese stationery, partners with the venerable Kita-boshi Pencil Company to present a fantastic set of 12 pencils of varying grade, from the soft, dark 6B to the crisp and precise 4H. Lightweight, hexagonal cedar barrels and graphite levels  are imprinted on end caps. 

Tin of twelve
Tin .5 x 4 x 7.25"
Pencil 7" length 



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