Kaweco AL Sport Golden Espresso Fountain Pen Limited Production | 4 Nib Widths


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The Kaweco AL Sport Golden Espresso limited edition fountain pen is durable, light in the hand, sized for transport and quietly beautiful. Kaweco has released only 700 of this pen, exclusive to the US.

The golden brown aluminum body is permanently coated with an anodized finish. There's a secure screw-on cap, gold-plated nib with iridium tip and the option of a removable gold clip. Accepts a standard short ink cartridge, blue is included with the pen. A compact 4.125" in length when capped and comfortable 5.33" posted (cap on top.)  Packaged in a hinged heritage tin that accommodates one or two pens.

Optional gold clip available here.

Ink cartridges available here.

Bottled inks available here.



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