Pentel Original Sign Pen | 10 Colors


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We have a soft spot for tools whose quality and function have stood the test of time and the Pentel Sign Pen would be high on that list. The first fiber-tipped pen, Pentel introduced this iconic instrument in 1963 specifically for signing documents as the bolder tip was particularly suitable for writing Japanese characters. The Sign Pen was soon introduced to the US as a pen that would lend character to signatures but it wasn't until President Lyndon Johnson  started ordering them by the boxfuls, and NASA made them their official writing instrument, that it took off (figuratively and literally.)

Intense, water-based ink in an array of fantastic colors, snap on cap to prevent drying out when not in use, durable 1.0 mm tip that stays firm through the life of the pen. Imported from Japan.

1.0 mm tip
5.25" capped
6.25" posted

Color choices are listed from left to right in first photo. 



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