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Kunisawa notebooks have select availability in the US and we are very pleased to bring this spectacular range to you.

Delivering a vision of chic minimalist notebooks with exceptional paper quality, Kunisawa is a project of Tokyo-based Kawachiya, a company that's been providing superior goods to the Japanese market for literally centuries. 

Very heavy, beautiful cardstock covers, front imprinted with Kunisawa's logo in copper, secure coppery spiral binding.  Inside is some of the most thoughtfully crafted, impeccably performing paper you can enjoy, perfectly complementing any writing instrument.  

Paper is exceptionally smooth, with just a whisper of texture to hold your ink or graphite. Incredible to write on with fountain pens with no bleeding and imperceptible show through. Printed with a subtle, 5mm grid in grey.

160 pages

.4 x 5.8 x 8.25"





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