Kurufit Binder B5 | 7 Colors

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If you like the versatility of a loose leaf binder but not the bulkiness, standard lined-paper refills or not-so-exciting color ranges, Maruman's Kurufit Binder might be the perfect fit for you and, bonus, it's affordable enough to acquire several and indulge your most color-coding of systems.

The Kurufit Binder's beautiful covers are made from a slightly translucent, subtly textured plastic (that keeps it from slipping on surfaces,) that's durable yet flexible.  The binders are so flexible they can actually be rolled into a cylinder for portability with a durability that snaps back to their original shape when released. 

There are 26 plastic rings that ingeniously release all at once when the bottom latch is unhooked, simply press the latch and swing to the right, reverse the process to close.  Ten sheets of 26-holed paper are included.

Capacity, 60 26-holed sheets, 10 sheets included.

.625 x 7.75 x 10.25" 

Colors listed from top to bottom in first photo



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