5 Year Diary Embroidered Floral


Midori's hand-embroidered 5 Year Diary is a gorgeous hand-embellished book worthy of the life events and memories it will hold. Pages have the day of the month at top and five sections below to note events,  accomplishments, challenges, feelings and wisdom for that day over five years. As time passes, previous entries are read while creating new ones.

Start this diary on any day of any year, even a leap year. At the beginning of each month, there's a monthly overview page to note annual events like birthdays and anniversaries and other important milestones. A fine woven ribbon page marker keeps track of the day you're on and index markings on the side of each right-hand page are another way to find your place. In a playful detail, illustrated cross-stitched detail appears throughout. Pages are printed on smooth, fountain pen-friendly paper with 6mm line spacing, the book is covered in fine, natural canvas bookcloth and a clear, removable PVC outer cover is included to protect the diary when needed.

1 x 4.5 x 7.25"



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