Tock Letterquette Stationery Set


Moglea's stationery set is inspired by  Eaton’s Letterquette, produced in the 60s,  that securely held writing sheets and envelopes within a perfect bound book allowing the dedicated letter writer to easily remove sheets or envelopes at will.

Moglea's artistic take on this vintage treasure contains twelve  sophisticated risograph printed sheets along with twelve letterpress printed envelopes. All is ingeniously bound into a risograph printed folder to be contained yet easily removed when needed with ease and perfection.  Every sheet and envelope is either individually screen printed or hand fed through the press, the vibrant inks are soy-based and the paper is substantial and a dream to write on. 

Set of 12  sheets and envelopes 
Risograph and letterpress printed 
Folder 5x7"
Sheets 4.75 x 7"
Envelopes  3.5 x 5"  



Orders placed by 11:00 am CST ship same day