Postalco Snap Pad HW Light Green | A5 or A4


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The Postalco Snap Pad is an elegant desk accessory or portable pad for well-dressed, on-the-go notes. The entire piece, with its foundation of thick paperboard, is wrapped in one piece of Postalco's iconic pressed cotton fabric then lined with paper for durability. Fill the Snap Pad with Postalco's unique 1mm x 1mm blue pingraph paper (available separately,); refills have two holes punched at top to fit the pad which snaps easily and securely into place. The front of the snap pad folds to the back, providing an exceptionally stable surface for writing.

The Snap Pad HW version is protected with a heavier cotton material than the original option made with the same machinery used to produce tent fabric. The result is superior density and strength. To maintain the natural feel of the material, Postalco applies only a light water-resistant treatment to its surface.

You can also fill the Snap Pad with repurposed paper, clippings, maps, etc., anything that suits your needs or creativity. For the A4 size, simply punch holes in the top edge of A4 or 8½ x 11" paper with a standard 2-hole punch. For A5 size, cut sheets of A4 or 8½ x 11" paper in half, then punch. The Snap Pad holds approximately 100 sheets. Handmade in Japan. 

Pingraph Snap Paper Refills are available here

A5 Snap Pad
6.3 x 9"

A4 Snap Pad
8.75 x 12.5"



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