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Emotional Barometer | A Tool To Explain Our Moods


The School of Life is a UK-based collaboration of psychologists, philosophers, writers and teachers whose goal is to help us find calm, self-understanding, resilience and connection - especially during troubled times - through books, videos, classes and products like the Emotional Barometer, a tool to help make it easier for us to tell ourselves and others how we feel.

Twenty cards offer definitions and insights into twenty moods we all experience but may not be able to fully explain. Not only do the cards help us reach a clearer understanding of our inner emotional weather they can also be shared with others so they  can better know what's going on inside us, without our needing to explain too much, or with themselves. 

A moveable dial on the box cover marks the current mood and there's even a cardboard piece inside that allows the cover to stand on your desk or anywhere mood-monitoring is important.

Moods included are:

Anxious, Loving, Dreamy, Confident, Guilty, Sulky, Grateful, Envious, Solitary, Obsessed, Ugly, Practical, Weepy, Sensual, Melancholy, Self-Pitying, Needy, Happy, Awed, Nostalgic.

Quotes from the cards:


"The wisdom of the melancholy attitude (as opposed to the bitter or angry one) lies in understanding that we have not been singled out; that our suffering belongs to humanity in general ... Melancholy -- when it can be shared -- is the beginning of friendship."


"The world reveals itself as quite different: a place of suffering and misguided effort, full of people striving to be heard and lashing out against others, but also a place of tenderness and longing, beauty and touching vulnerability. From this point of view, status is nothing; possessions don't matter; grievances lose their urgency. If certain people could encounter us at this point, they might be amazed at our transformation and at our new-found warmth and empathy."


"A variety of situations can kick off the mood. Maybe we've been out in the garden after dark, looked up and seen the immensity of the night sky. Or we've been reading a history book about life on the planet many thousands of years ago. Or we've been watching a program about the glaciers of Antarctica ... We are granted an impression of our nullity and insignificance in the grander scheme, which relieves us from an often oppressive sense of the seriousness of our ambitions and desires."

Box of twenty cards with movable dial and fold-out stand on box lid
4.5 x 6.25



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