Tombow Mono R Vintage Pencil HB Or F


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In 1913, what would become The Tombow Pencil Co. was founded in Japan by entrepreneur and stationery retailer, Harunosuke Ogawa. Over a hundred years later, Tombow is still a family-owned company and still dedicated to innovating creativity.

Tombow introduced their first drawing pencil in 1928, becoming known for pencils of intense quality suitable for professional and artistic use. The Mono R (R for regular) was released after the introduction and subsequent popularity of the Mono 100, a super high-grade pencil commemorating the company's 55th anniversary.

What distinguished (and still does) Tombow's high-end pencils is their high-density graphite which allows a smooth, dark line when drawing or writing.

These Vintage Mono R pencils date to 1975, available in either HB grade (gold band,) similar to a No. 2 pencil, or F (white band) a harder, finer graphite grade. As with all quality vintage pencils, these still write and sharpen cleanly. 

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