Traveler's Company

Factory Green Brass Ballpoint Pen


There's something comforting about a pocket pen, something in the thought that you can easily take a writing favorite wherever you go, particularly one as stylish and well-thought-out as the Traveler's Company Ballpoint Pen in a limited edition Factory Green color.

Speaking of comforting, the inspiration for the Factory Green hue is the color used for the floors, doors and shelves in many Japanese factories. These work spaces are swathed in green because it’s easy on the eye and evokes a sense of safety that provides peace of mind.

Inspired by the carry-everywhere American mid-20th century bullet pen, the Factory Green ballpoint condenses to a compact 4" when capped and expands to a comfortable 5.5" when posted (cap on end.)


  • Fine ballpoint tip
  • Factory Green enamel over brass holder with 
  • Brass finial with ring at top for attaching cord, ribbon or lanyard to carry pen around neck or attached to a bag.
  • Removable steel pocket clip, to remove, unscrew the finial, lift the clip away, screw the finial back on.
  • Accepts a short, ballpoint refill.


Orders placed by 11:00 am CST ship same day